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About Allied Tech



Welcome to Allied Tech Distributors Ltd, a company founded in 2011, with the aim of bringing savings and a better quality of life to the businesses and the people of Belize.

Allied Tech is formed by a Team of people dedicated to help you to run your business, your home, your school and any other aspect of life, smoothly and efficiently. Our goal is your welfare, your happiness, your peace of mind.

Why Shop With Us?

When you shop at Allied Tech's Online Store, you’ll choose from brand name and generic high quality products at great prices that will bring you savings and pleasure. But that’s just the beginning. We also carry a vast inventory of personal care supplies, school supplies, healthcare supplies, cleaning supplies, and much more. You’ll find new products every day, because at the end of the day, we love what we sell, and our love is endless

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should shop with us:

  • We offer the industry’s highest-quality products at the lowest-possible prices.
  • We offer the most complete product information and photo galleries available.
  • We ship most orders the same day.
  • We provide our customers with information—on the phone, in our store, or on our web site—to make informed choices. Each of our sales representatives is continually trained. They can answer your questions instantly.
  • We offer our customers frequent updates on new products arriving at our warehouse.
  • We offer corporate and government customers competitive prices and quick delivery.


About The Company

Allied Tech was established to serve the needs of businesses. In 2011, the company started operations, focusing at the time in providing printing supplies, solutions and technology with a strong B2B focus. Througouth the years, Allied Tech Distributors Ltd has evolved, creating several business models, including importing, wholesale and distribution of pharmaceuticals and hospital supplies, the creation of a marketing division and later, creating Belize's first Online Store and Marketplace. Today, we are one of the Belize’s top printing and printing-related supplies B2B retailers. Our Technology Division has secured the distributionship of a worldwide recognized brand: Lexmark. With Lexmark, we ensure the service we provide to our customers has unbeatable added value. A value we will continually strive to increase over the years to come.

We understand that business customers are concerned with price during these times, when you must maximize your investment, but we also realize that SERVICE is the most important component of the relationship. Allied Tech is ready to serve.

Business customers have unique needs. It takes a well-trained, well-connected group to serve those needs with efficiency and professionalism. Allied Tech’s Business-To-Business group has been carefully selected and trained to work with businesses of all sizes and shapes. They can handle special billing, pricing, shipping, and a number of other corporate issues. You can’t put a price tag on knowledge, and our sales representatives have hundreds of hours of experience and product training, so that you can rely on our expertise. I invite you to contact one us and see for yourself that quality service and pricing is what we are all about.


Adrian Montoro

Founder / Partner